Thank you guys for taking the time to actually listen to what I have been doing and how much I have improved,  :)  I really do admire alot of producers and artists on newgrounds,  and ALOT of you have helped me and inspired me to do greater things.  So I say thank you,  and please take the time to check out my work.

A Brand Spankin' New BMW!

2016-04-14 14:25:46 by Vashelite

Nah I'm just kidding,  but I did make a new score, and I would really like some feedback and suggestions :) Thanks!


VashElite Made Something New!

2016-01-23 21:46:32 by Vashelite

Thats right I created another instrumental,  its been a while since I created something,  so here is something to say Hello with!

Ty and as always.....go hump a member of the same sex! (But only if you want to!)




I won't stop, regardless!

2015-03-07 02:24:20 by Vashelite

I won't stop due to negative comments!  I have put in way too much work and dedication to learn the things I have!

Hate Or Love me!  I don't care!


This isn't about you!  Its about showing my heart!

93's Bitches!


Lol I got zero bombed on most of my newer tracks for admitting my love of satan!  <3  Love you faggots!



93's and 11  ya bitches!

Face it,  I really don't give a shit about any of your opinions!

Just listen to the music,  if you feel like I feel,  and don't care about what people think about you,  roll with me!

If you don't... I don't care either way!

Sub and fan,  give me comments and advice,  I will listen!